The Career Academy

A Global Online Education Provider

Operating in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and the United Kingdom, The Career Academy is one of the world’s leading private online education providers. They specialise in providing a broad range of non-accredited qualifications through highly customisable short courses in the areas of accounting, administration, animal care, business, psychology, hospitality and tourism.


The Career Academy was ready to increase their enrolment numbers. A lot. 

When they approached us, The Career Academy had already established itself as a leading training provider of non-accredited online courses in both New Zealand and Ireland. However, in 2018, the company had plans to launch in Australia but quickly worked out that with new territory came new audiences. We were tasked with the job of establishing their presence nationally, and driving qualified organic leads to the brand.

After early success, our role then extended from not just managing the Australian division, but the other international divisions as well, essentially giving us the responsibilities of a Global Marketing Manager, reporting directly to the CEO.

Our expanded role was to manage all marketing campaigns to ensure global brand consistency, and work with local Marketing Managers and agencies to ensure that all marketing was directed toward global KPIs. We were to provide The Career Academy’s other marketing partners with a marketing strategy as well as all creative assets to be used throughout the campaign.

Put simply, our challenge was to create a consistent and engaging social and brand campaign that would help establish The Career Academy as an authority on education, whilst igniting sustainable and nurtured lead generation, reducing the need for paid leads.

We needed to show people that stepping into a course with The Career Academy could
help open the door to new opportunities.


We were tasked with the job building a reliable and recognisable global education brand.

Straight off the bat, Hedgehog was assigned the job of developing a launch campaign and strategy to go market with. We launched our ‘Take Your Next Step’ campaign online, with a video encouraging people to take the next step in their lives. The strategy behind this campaign was to sell the dream of taking that leap of faith, rather than just selling a course.

The campaign was promoted across multiple social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram to appeal to The Career Academy’s target audience – women aged 27-35 who are looking to get back into the workforce.

Through a series of visually consistent and engaging posts advertising courses, special deals and the brand itself, potential customers were made aware of The Career Academy and how it could help them take the next step in their lives.

This new social media presence was followed by the production of new landing pages and the rollout of customer-facing assets including information packs and brand collateral.

Moving forward, we then developed monthly lead generation campaigns via social media, EDMs and text messages, seeking to achieve low cost-per-click, ultimately removing all paid leads in certain markets.In addition, we also redesigned The Career Academy’s website in all five websites and produced further brand collateral in the form of information packs, social media content, and current campaign executions.

Using The Career Academy’s newly established social media presence, we then executed high-converting, low-cost lead generation campaigns that were engagement rich and sought to attract a surge in online enrolments and enquiries.



In the first month alone, we surpassed all goals without paying for a single lead.

Together with The Career Academy, Before we began work, we set a major campaign KPI — to reach 1,561 nurtured leads by September of 2018. We surpassed that number in July when we reached 1,571 — 536% more than our July goal of hitting 293. In that time, we had taken The Career Academy’s users per month from 10,017 to 11,379. In one month.

In that time, leads driven by social media also went from just 9 to 343, which equalled a 3,811% month-over-month growth. We then successfully converted 25% of our social media audience from visitors to leads, and then a further 24% from leads to sales.

During our the period of our contract with The Career Academy, we also engaged our branding team to refine the look and feel of their brand, something we were then tasked to replicate across all five countries.

“This is a full-service marketing team that not only surpassed the capabilities of a traditional in-house marketer, but used content-rich landing pages to transform our social presence into the highest converting marketing channel in a matter of weeks. Hedgehog worked as a seamless extension of our own team, saving us time, stress and money which, as the Country Manager of an international brand, is priceless.”

Rowena Beach The Career Academy, Former Country Manager Australia