MGC Derma

Luxury Cannabis-Based Skincare

The conversation around cannabis has infiltrated almost every industry throughout the world. It’s no longer just the famed question of whether recreational use should be legalised, it’s a broader discussion about how other compounds in the cannabis plant can benefit us in our day-to-day lives. Every day, new research reveals the cannabis plant’s potential to cure/relieve/aid/improve a slew of different symptoms and conditions. When it comes to the curative potential of cannabis, it appears we’re only just scratching the epidermis. One brand piloting this movement is MGC Derma. Using one of the plant’s non-psychoactive compound — CBD — MGC Derma produces luxury skincare backed by scientific research to help reduce the symptoms of common skin care problems. And they came to us to take their product and vision global.


In 2017, a fresh-faced MGC Derma went looking for a new and innovative agency to define their identity and launch their brand.

With no outward facing marketing collateral or campaigns to speak of, they wanted to hit the budding cannabis skincare scene with some serious oomph.
They were looking for an agency who could work malleably with the brand across a variety of channels, providing services from consulting and content production to social media and global press.
What started as a single marketing campaign for offline print quickly snowballed into a global full-service remit for Hedgehog Agency. After a few short months, we took ownership of digital marketing, design and offline collateral production and had MGC Derma standing out in a crowd of world-class competitors.


Small branding steps that quickly became big marketing leaps allowed MGC Derma to become one of the biggest players in the skincare game.

When MGC Derma first came to us, it was nothing more than a faceless product. Our first priority was to sharpen the brand and refine its voice and image. In the beginning, we created a bespoke campaign, tagline and social presence, which allowed MGC Derma to drive sales and create a unique selling point in an already saturated beauty market. Dubbed ‘Skincare with Purpose’, this campaign was built on the idea that MGC Derma’s skincare had a meaningful reason behind it, not just a profit drive.

To support this new brand proposition, we updated the messaging on the MGC Derma website, creating brand new copy that spoke to MGC Derma’s mission of using CBD to create skincare that not only benefits the skin, but also treats actual medical conditions. We then drove home the message across social media and started publishing fortnightly blogs that were dedicated to skincare, lifestyle and also the science behind Medical Cannabis, to further educate consumers about the benefits of CBD in skincare.

On top of this, we disseminated the message throughout international media publications such as Vogue, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar, The Mirror and Refinery29. The success of this campaign triggered a series of other campaigns in its wake, helping to establish MGC Derma as a global skincare leader in the cosmetic cannabis industry.

MGC 15


MGC Derma went from being an unknown skincare brand to a shelf staple at Cult Beauty and Harvey Nichols in under two years.

Since partnering with MGC Derma in 2017, the brand has reached millions of people, triggering 145% social media growth and putting it on the shelves of some of Europe and the United Kingdom’s biggest beauty and cosmetics retailers.

MGC Derma is now a household name within the cannabis skincare industry, receiving features in articles published in The Age, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle UK, The Times, The Mirror, Vogue, Refinery29 and SBS News. More importantly, the world is now more aware of the power of CBD skincare.

“Working with Ali, Josh, and the whole team at Hedgehog has been an absolute lifesaver. In the time we have been working together, we have been easily able to integrate them into our workflow and they have become a crucial element of our business. We are beyond satisfied and well into the realm of blown away.”

Ron Lipsky Vice President of Business Development & International Relations