Making Things

The Online Home of Craft

Making Things is a brand new online app that connects on-the-go creatives with everything they need for their craft. It began as a personal project started by a small team of passionate knitters who felt that the traditional nature of their craft no longer fit with the modern day lifestyle. Basically, the Making Things platform allows you to knit and crochet wherever, whenever you like thanks to its digital pattern library, reader, tools and online community.


How do you introduce an old-school art form into the new digital age?

Making Things approached us when they were barely more than an idea and a rough landing page. They needed help preparing themselves for entry into very protective and established market in a way that didn’t make them appear as if they there the Amazon equivalent of the craft world — they didn’t exist to ruin the established craft marketers knitters knew and loved, they wanted to work alongside them.

So, we were tasked with launching Making Things into that saturated American market.

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We built a brand that audiences would perceive as selfless, helpful and supportive.

In order to successfully execute Making Things’ debut entry into the passionate craft market, we had to thoughtfully curate a voice and image that would resonate with the existing creative community. 

With this in mind, we worked alongside them to develop their visual identity and tone of voice, which involved producing a set of guidelines, a series of visual templates, formatting their EDMs and developing their content strategies, in addition to all the design and copy collateral that came with these.


Making Things was no longer just an idea, it was a movement.

Due to excellent branding and a strong social media presence with great traction, Making Things successfully executed their soft launch into market in October 2018. Establishing themselves as industry leaders and creating the customer base necessary for that scale of influence will take time due to the unique level of distrust from the niche consumers in that market. However, due to the success of their branding and incremental increase in awareness obtained during 2018, they’re now in the best position to knit their way to the top in 2019.