Luna Startup Studio

A full-service startup hub

Ever had a great idea or even a great little business, but no idea where to take it next? That’s where Luna comes in. While they started as a source of legal advice for startups, they’ve since grown to provide accounting, education and incubator services tailored to startups and social enterprises as well. Basically, Luna specialises in brands who’ve got the guts to do things a little differently.


In 2018, #CorporateAdvice were ready to take their business to the next level with a complete brand facelift.

After growing in numbers and expanding in services, they were ready to hit the ground running with a sharp new name and face that showed they meant business (as well as a lot of fun along the way). #CorporateAdvice were looking for an agency who could help them verbally and visually align themselves with their new business vision — to be the most supportive, reliable and relatable legends in the startup industry.


It started with a new name but, thanks to a sleuth of new brand assets, it quickly became an entirely new identity.

We got to work conceptualising naming options that reflected their new business positioning as a startup law firm for social enterprises who are keen on doing things a little bit differently. And out of the woodwork came ‘Luna’ — she was wise beyond her years, confident, humble, supportive and intelligent. We all agreed that Luna was a deadset legend, and from there we rolled out a full rebrand of all her visual and verbal assets, including a logo, brand guidelines (including typefaces and brand colours), email and social assets, merchandise, business cards, tone of voice guide and custom document templates.

And while the new rebrand was experiencing a smooth-as-a-whistled launch into market, we also provided them with our marketing consultation services to specifically grow the business side of things, too.


In a few short months, clean-cut #CorporateAdvice evolved into Luna — the kind of full-service startup hub you’d want to grab a beer with.

After a comprehensive branding workshop, a string of conceptual branding stages and the selection of a final direction, Luna was born. She was fully fleshed out in the form of a series of new visual and written assets that guided who she was, what she looked like, how she spoke and the types emotions and actions she evoked from her audience.

Finally, the new branding was released to market alongside a series of rebrand-dedicated vlogs published across #CorporateAdvice’s social media channels. And the moment the new brand hit the web, a new startup studio was born.

I love working with Hedgehog! They’re the marketing arm of my business and have successfully helped to identify my mission, vision, tone of voice and overall vibe. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and go with Hedgehog!

Ronen Heine Founder & CEO