This Children’s Storybook is driving New Business Leads

Looking to get new sales in an innovative way, Immij approached us to come up with, and execute, a unique solution. Enter, The Adventures of You, Your Company’s Prints/Printscess Charming, a personalised story all about you and your business.

The book, set in Medieval times, details the adventures of the person receiving it. It shows the recipient going on adventures to their local cafe, fighting with their boss, the dragon, and eventually being granted three wishes. The final page of the book directs you to a PURL (personalised URL) which gives you more information on Immij’s innovative printing solutions that unifies the power of print and digital communication.

‘We came to Hedgehog for a concept that would translate to sales, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. We’ve already engaged with key strategic accounts, directly from this book, and everyone is talking about this unique concept, which speaks to the innovative printing solutions we offer,’ says Mark Randles, Sales Manager at Immij.

Hedgehog came up with this concept from scratch and created the strategy, copy, design and illustrations.