analysis and advice to help you make better marketing decisions.

Marketing for startups, new business, products and ideas.

hi, i’m josh.

I’m passionate about marketing for startups, new businesses, ideas and products.

By leveraging my startup marketing expertise I analyse marketing performance and advise new businesses, helping them to make better decisions.

You’ll often find me researching new products and tools, listening to a podcast or blasting The Beatles (I know the lyrics to every song by heart. Yes, even Revolution 9.)

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What We Do

We help you to action the right strategy for your business.

By providing analysis and advice that produces powerful results.


Holistic analysis of marketing performance – Channel, platform and strategy agnostic and focused on one thing only  – your marketing’s impact on your goals and objectives. We help you to understand which marketing activities aren’t working, which are, and how to make the most of them.


We match our startup marketing expertise with your industry expertise to help you make decisions that produce powerful results. We’ve run campaigns in almost every channel for over 100 startups and make our learnings available for you – so you can learn the easy way, not the hard way. 😉

Tools & Resources

These tools will become your friends.

Depending on your level of marketing implementation to date, we may utilise the following.

Online Dashboard

Interactive dashboards that measure a high level overview of your marketing performance across most digital channels.

Marketing Strategy

Bespoke overarching marketing strategies to guide you and your team to action our advice with in-house passion.

Channel Strategy

Bespoke mini-strategies (2-3 pages) to help guide you in executing a channel with best practice principles.


We stay abreast with the latest tools to help you with your marketing. Whether it’s a more cost-effective email marketing platform or a new way to automatically segment your online audiences, we keep our finger on the pulse.


Interactive 2-3 hour sessions with you and your team to set you (and us) up for success.

Building Blocks: Forming the basis of your key messaging and communications.
Channel identification, prioritisation and roadmap.
Marketing Philosophy:
A 101 on marketing for startups.

What about execution?

We help you and your in-house team (if you have one!) to execute with in-house passion.

If you’re not able to execute a strategy, tactic or channel in-house with our advice then we’ll recommend our trusted contractors to you.

We’ve built a network of experienced independent contractors who are specialists in their fields. We’ll match you with a recommended freelancer that fits your budget, industry and other factors.

Looking for copy, design or branding? Hedgehog offers Creative in-house, led by industry experts.

Some of our shower thoughts 

Stay up to date with Hedgehog


Hedgehog worked as a seamless extension of our own team, saving us time, stress and money which, as the Country Manager of an international brand, is priceless.


The Hedgehog team has made my life so much easier since we brought them on. They share a deep understanding of the MGC Pharma brand and are always on the front foot … They are also incredibly proactive in their ideas.


Features & Awards

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