Branding, Design & Copy for Startups & New Brands. 

Helping businesses make a name for themselves.

What We Do

Brand Strategy

This is where your brand begins. We workshop with you, delve into what makes your business different, and create a strategic foundation that guides every part of your brand.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is how you’re presented to the world, and is formed from the insights discovered in the brand strategy workshop. We develop everything from your logo & visual aesthetic through to your tone of voice to help you grab the attention of the right people.

Creative Concepting

From events to integrated campaigns, we come up with the ideas that tie all of your communications together. 

Copy Development

We create copy that people want to engage with. Everything from websites, flyers & brochures, packaging, newsletters, press releases, blogs, editorial content and scripts.

Design Development

We develop and craft design with purpose. From visual identities, to poster & flyer campaigns, and online newsletters. Our design is always led by strategy to ensure it has impact and cuts through the clutter.

Creative Consulting

Do you already have a creative team? Or are you happy to execute yourself? We consult on ideas, design and content, to ensure you’re creating the best possible results.

Are you the sort of creative specialist people gush about?

We pride ourselves on our network of freelancers (they really are the best). If you’re a creative specialist (anything from photography to animation), send an email to to join our team.

Our Thinking


Hedgehog won the MADC Design Award for their work on Revolver Lane. They were able to take the vibe of our space and created Work Weird as the anchor point of a comprehensive, cohesive brand, spawning a custom font set, art-driven poster design, website redesign and copy, business cards, Keep Cups and even an in-house ghost, Randy.

Kurt Falkenstein
Revolver Lane

Hedgehog are a true creative, creative agency. Nothing is too big, small or obscure for them to throw their full creative force behind and get results.

Megan Elizabeth
Making Things

If you need sassy copy written at the speed of light, Ali is the person for you. She’s a fountain of creative ideas for marketing writing and very easy and productive to work with.

Cat Totty
Rebrand Director

Features & Awards

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